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  • A valid SA Government concession card OR
  • A residential tenancy agreement with the landlord and the rent being $400 or less per week OR
  • A SA Gov Electricity Bill Concession OR
  • A referral from a SA registered Financial Counselor OR
  • Participates in a Retailer Hardship Program OR
  • Participates in a Payment Plan with an Energy Retailer 

What Are REPS Discounts?

The REPS, a South Australian Government initiative, aims to encourage energy savings in households across the state. With its rebates and energy-efficient benefits, purchasing a reverse cycle split air conditioner becomes a cost-effective choice, resulting in substantial savings.

While there’s flexibility to install multiple units under the scheme, it’s crucial to note that once the rebate is claimed for a specific quantity, re-claiming becomes unavailable. To ensure you seize this fantastic offer, inform us of your required quantity without missing out on the opportunity!

Energy Efficient Units

Special Offer

2.65 kW Rinnai P Series
Wi-Fi Control – 5-year warranty
Small (11-17 m2)

From $899

Special Offer

3.55 kW Rinnai P Series
Wi-Fi Control – 5-year warranty
Medium (16-23 m2)

From $1199

Special Offer

Screenshot 2024-05-10 172932

5.0 kW Rinnai P Series
Wi-Fi Control – 5-year warranty
Large (23-33 m2)

From $1575

Special Offer

7.0 kW Rinnai P Series
Wi-Fi Control – 5-year warranty
X-Large (32-47 m2)

From $1945

What's Included?​

Standard installation includes 3 metres of pipe and 15 metres of cable.

This diagram showcases a standard back to back installation. Extra installation charges may apply if it is not a standard installation, which are outlined below.

Additional Charges & Costs (including GST)
Side Exit$75
Rear Exit$75
Extra Capping Per Metre$30
Extra Cable Per Metre$20
Extra Conduit Per Metre$25
Circuit Breaker Enclosure$60
Circuit Breaker RCBO$115
Wall Bracket$150
Roof Bracket$399
Condensation Pump$699
Extra Copper Per Metre$75
Removal & Disposal$499
Double Story$275
Roof Penetration$125
No Show or No Clearance / Reattend$180
Double Brick$110
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Why Choose SOLARing?

We’re committed to long-term partnerships, offering continuous system performance monitoring, cutting-edge technology, training, maintenance, and investment validation for our clients.

7-Year Extended Assurance

Exclusively utilizing top-tier products, SOLARing secures an extended 7-year Parts and Labor Warranty from Carrier, ensuring your confidence in making the optimal investment.

Exclusive Government Incentives

Unlocking a diverse array of financial incentives, SOLARing provides direct access to REPS benefits, enabling significant savings on your new air conditioner installation.

Complete Solution by SOLARing

With our full-service model, we handle everything from start to finish, ensuring a hassle-free process for you to focus on your home while we expedite your return on investment.

Expert Consultation by SOLARing

At SOLARing, we analyze your usage patterns, room size, and desired outputs using real-world energy data. Our tailored solutions are designed precisely to meet your needs and goals."

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    Terms & Conditions Offer available while stocks last. Available in metropolitan Adelaide, regional locations may be subject to a wait period. Subject to site inspection. Installation price includes an installation that complies with the AS/NZS 3000:2018 Wiring Rules. Standard installation means a back to back installation that includes up to 3m of pipe and 15m of cable back to the switchboard on a single storey brick veneer home or small business. Switchboard must be adequate to support power requirements of the unit, any extra wiring work or switchboard upgrades will incur additional charges. Offer applies to new air-conditioner installations and replacements of non working units. The replacement of working units are only eligible for priority group or hardship group households. Priority/Hardship Group Customer is defined as a person who holds one of the following cards: Pension Concession Card, DVA Card or Health Care Card, a participant in an Energy retailer hardship/concession or payment plan program, a household that is receiving an SA Government Energy Concession, a household that has been referred by a registered member of the SA Financial Counsellors Association (SAFCA) or a household that is a rental property where the weekly rental is not more than $400 per week. If you are a Priority Group customer, you will be required to provide evidence of your card, rental status or Retailer letter confirming eligibility at the time of booking to receive the discounted rate. If the customer cannot provide evidence of their Priority Group eligibility, they will be subject to pay the full general household advertised rates.

    Service is offered in partnership with Your Energy Saving Solutions Pty Ltd (YESS), approved activity provider under the Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS).