Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme Australia

Home owners and small companies across Australia who are seeking to install solar, as opposed to those already with solar PV systems can take advantage of the small scale energy scheme (SRES) to help with purchase costs.

Small Technology Certificates (STCs) are created by installing a solar panel system. The number of STCs created shall be based on:

1. The amount of renewable electricity produced by the system, or the amount of electricity consumption reduced by it.

2. The climate region where it is installed

In addition, the solar system receives STC (small-scale technology certificate) for every 1000 kW hour of energy generation. Each of these STCs can be sold for up to $35-$40.

For example, a 6.6 kW solar system installed in Queensland in 2020 will have around 100 STCs. Consider that if each STC had a selling price of $38, the total rebate would be $3800.

[The amount of the rebate will vary depending on location and time]

The STC earned by your NSW solar system varies by two factors: its size and your region.

Obviously, the larger system will have more STCs as energy production is higher. Also, if your solar system is in more sunshine area, there will be more STC. Here, the reason is the same, more sunshine means more power generation.

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